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How does TheSqueakyWheel.com compare to other complaint sites?

TheSqueakyWheel.com bbb.com complaints.com planetfeedback.com
Does not aggregate or sell your personal information to corporations.
Does not place advertisements on complaint pages.
Allows you to add images and photos to your complaint page.
Submits a copy of your complaint to Google so that it can be found by searching the Internet (not just the complaint site).
Puts a counter on your page so you and the company you are complaining about know exactly how many people are viewing your complaint.
Sends an e-mail message to the company your are complaining about every day that your complaint is viewed.
Helps resolve complaints against any person or company (not just member companies).
Does not allow anonymous or false names to be used.
Allows you to update your original complaint.
Automatically generates a "support my complaint" e-mail message for you to forward to friends and family.

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