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P. Douglas

"I just wanted to thank you for resolution. I finally got a letter back from _______ refunding me for the late fee"

"...Thank you, this is a great tool, and I will highly recommend it to anyone."
J. Quare

"...I had a complaint on your site a short time ago. I have received compensation from the company my complaint was about...$600 US. I am now spreading the word about your site. It even works all the way to Australia. Thanks from down under."
S Peterson

"...you're site is great. I will recommend it to my other friends"
J. Rada

"I thank you SO much. Without this service, I never would have gotten this refund! Thanks!"
J. Johnson

"...let me thank you for providing such a wonderful resource to victims of fraud and bad business practices. _________ had offered a very small settlement that I rejected (he offered to refund $210.00 of my $585.00). The fact that I filed claims with the U.S. Postal Service and the F.B.I. had no impact at all... Then I posted on "thesqueakywheel" and _______ immediately responded with an offer to renegotiate a more equitable settlement. We reached an agreement and I received his cashier's check late last Friday."

"I finally received my refund of the total $159.80... Thanks for you help. Keep up the good work. Anyone needs help with a company transaction, I will be sure to refer them to you and your website."
A. Wisdom

"Your site is great, keep up the good work."

"My complaint has been resolved. They gave me a full credit on charges they had made and I had not requested.... thanks for your help."
W. Bean

"...Once again your services have assisted me in my goal to get my money's worth!! I resolved my complaint...I love your site!
O. Ocon

"I received an e-mail today from ... stating they would contact my credit card company and refund the charges for April, May and June and cancel the account immediately. Finally! THANK YOU!"
J. Bess

"I wanted to drop you a quick not to let you know that the matter between myself and ________ has been resolved. I received a telephone call from my wife's boss who stated that she has received a refund for the subscription that she never received. Thank you for allowing the "small guys" to have a voice."
J. DeLorme

"Thanks. The power of the web is really something. I've been asked to bring your web address to work for two other people today."
J. Bean

"Thanks Jeff! It took less than 24 hours to get results!"
C. Compolattaro

"I think the service is easy to use and the complaints are posted immediately and I just removed mine immediately. I also have always received a speedy response from your end to my questions. I wish all companies were as easy to use and as responsive as yours."
P. Olofson

"I must say I was getting no where till I listed my complaint on your site. The company starting talking to me the day I contacted TheSqueakywheel.com Thank You for helping me settle this matter."
J. Pack

"Thanks again for all your help. Your website certaintly got his attention with over 100 hits! I have been recommending your site to others and may be able to use it again myself soon."
R Ewanika

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