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Bad service? Crummy products? TheSqueakyWheel.com gives individual consumers more power than ever before. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - it works to make sure that complaints cannot be ignored. 

How does it work? An unhappy consumer simply fills out a complaint form, clicks OK, and the complaint instantly gets turned into a web page that is available to more than 100 million Internet users. And just to make sure that each complaint gets the exposure that it deserves, complaints are automatically submitted to Google, the Internet's largest search engine. When someone searches for the company/product that you complained about, it is likely that both the company's web page and your complaint page will come up in the search result list. And what Internet surfer can resist clicking on a "Why I hate ... company" link?

email notifications These complaints can't be ignored. Every day that a complaint page is viewed, it triggers an automatic e-mail notification letting the target company know that another potential customer has just viewed the complaint. And since each page also has a counter showing how many times it has been viewed, there are no surprises. Everybody knows what is at stake and how important it is to settle the complaint.

 happy consumersThe complaint heard around the world - TheSqueakyWheel.com is one of the most popular complaint sites on the Internet.  It has been featured in Canadian, American, Australian and other foreign media (including television, newspapers, radio stations, magazines and numerous other web sites.)  If you want your complaint to be seen locally, nationally and internationally - TheSqueakyWheel.com is the site for you!


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